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March 24, 2012

Leonardo da Vinci is labeled as the Renaissance ‘’Man of the year.” Some may ask who is Leonardo da Vinci. Well sooner or later his name will be found in history books. He was born on April 15, 1452 in Florence, Italy. He is a painter, sculptor, engineer and architect. He is a well known master of art. He is studying the model of nature to paint with more realism. He is using the linear perspective to create illusion of depth and distance. A genius was not born over night. It took a lot of dedication and commitment. In his young years he worked hard to make his dreams come true. At fifteen he was sent to work as an apprentice in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio. In 1472 he was accepted into the painter’s guild of Florence. He helped Andrea del Verrocchio with numerous paintings. At one point he did a better job than his master. He no longer needed to work for him. If an apprentice is doing a better job than the master than you know that your work there is done! From that moment, Verrocchio decided not to put down his brush and his days of painting were over. He has kept us in awe with his new work the Mona Lisa. The revealing of this new painting was a life experience. This work is truly a beauty, I am happy to experience such talent. He incorporated movement and expression into his painting. He put a lot of work into this masterpiece. People have been waiting for weeks! Everyone knows that Leonardo has a true gift. He has other major works; one of them is The Last Supper. He has put a lot of effort into his works. He truly deserves this title. This piece will make him known everywhere that’s on the map.

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