Geechee Tribe

Topics: Racism, Race, Discrimination Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: March 5, 2010
I am an African American and my ancestry derives from the Geechee Tribe. This tribe is from

West Africa. My ancestors were brought to America as slaves with the Atlantic slave trade. The other

Afrikaners immigrated to America. Yes, my group did face prejudice and racism. I say this because of

the language my people spoke and their facial features. Other black people did not want to be

associated with them because they were considered a poor tribe with lazy speech. Not only did my

people face these problems from whites, but also from other blacks from different tribes. The African

Americans did participate in the dual labor market. Not many African Americans had access to

education and if they did get an education they would not be able to learn as much due to somethings

not being taught to them. If they were given a job it was a job with very low pay. Some African

American communities have more of environmental justice issues. I believe this to be true in any poor

community but more so with an African American community. Since affirmative action, things have

been better for African Americans. Sometimes it can be good and bad. Some schools and jobs will have

to accept African Americans to meet their quota. Some think that this is not the case. This is true and I

am living proof that it is. I once applied for a job with a company that did not have any African

Americans working there. I had put in an application for six months straight. They were hiring because

I would call and ask. I also asked how many African Americans they had working there. I met all the

requirements of the job and some. I called the EEOC and a couple of days later they offered me a

position. This is still a great opportunity for African Americans to advance as a race. The redlining

effect still happens. Some financial institutions have made it very hard for some people to get loans

and mortgage approvals based on their neighborhood. I...

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Jackson, E., Oral Interview. January 24, 2010.
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