Gear and Equipment Responsibility

Topics: Marine, Responsibility, United States Marine Corps Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 15, 2013
My gear and equipment is my own personal responsibility. My gear was issued to me with the intent of me to keep track of my gear and to make sure my gear is ready and accessible when need be. It is my own personal responsibility to make sure that at all times my gear is stored or secured in a safe place to make sure that nothing is either damaged, lost or stolen. It is my own personal responsibility to ensure that if anything were to happen to my gear that it should be reported immediately, such as damaged or malfunctioning gear or lost gear. If my gear is broken or malfunctioning it is my own personal responsibility to see to it that if I cannot personally fix my gear that through the chain of command someone is notified until a solution to the problem is found and the problem itself is fixed. If my gear is to ever be lost or stolen it is again my own personal responsibility to go through the chain of command notifying those appointed over me of my lost or stolen and gear. To lose my gear or have it stolen is something that should never happen though. Every Marine is responsible for his or her own gear and irresponsibly losing the gear that is issued to each individual Marine shows a lack of responsibility. If a Marines gear is stolen it shows poor judgment on the Marine that believed he or she could leave his or her gear laying out and lack of integrity on the part of the Marine that stole the other Marines gear. A Marine should show better judgment in where he or she stows his or her gear. A Marine is issued his or her own individual gear with the intent of it being his or her own personal gear but to leave his or her own gear lying about, wherever he or she so pleases is not in any way, shape or form showing good judgment but lack of responsibility issued to that Marine. Every Marine is responsible for his or her own personal gear and is a reflection of what to possibly expect from the irresponsible Marine. A Marine should always be aware of his or her own...
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