GE case study

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Impact of Workforce Planning at GE Oil and Gas
GE Oil & Gas was established in 2012 when GE Energy was divided into three new business units of General Electric. Prompted by poor financial performance, GE Oil & Gas was created in an effort to simplify business and also make General Electric more visible to its shareholders ("Working Environment |", n.d., p. 1). GE Oil & Gas has grown to become one of the key players in the energy sector. Operating in more than 100 countries and employing 43,000 people, GE Oil & Gas delivers equipment and services that enable its customers to access and make more efficient use of the world’s energy resources. With a variety of extremely complex technologies fueling numerous industry-milestone projects, GE Oil & Gas has helped make it possible to extract reserves in the most remote and extreme locations. One example, the Gorgan Project, is one of the world’s largest natural gas projects and provides energy to most of Western Australia. The Gorgan Project provides insight to some of the staffing challenges facing GE in today’s global and complex energy industry("Introduction - Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment - GE Oil & Gas | GE Oil & Gas case studies, videos, social media and information | Business Case Studies", n.d., p. 1) .
GE Mission and Values
Unlike most Fortune 500 companies, GE does not have an official mission statement, rather they represent their mission with the “GE Works Equation”. As explained by GE, “We have a relentless drive to invent things that matter: innovations that build, power, move and help cure the world. We make things that very few in the world can, but that everyone needs. This is a source of pride. To our employees and customers, it defines GE.” ("General Electric (GE) mission statement 2013 | SM Insight", p. 1). As environmental regulations shift and force the energy sector to evolve, GE is forced to place a large emphasis on environmental standards. The following

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