GE 100 Class: A Reflection Paper

Topics: Work, Leadership, Work Pages: 5 (2169 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Jody Kay D. Kalinga4:00-6:00pm
GE 100 Reflection Paper
GE 100? Enderun Experience? What kind of subject is this? It never occurred to me that this class I first wondered about would change part of my life. The first parts of the semester were all talks about team management and creativity which I partly qualify as I see myself doing those things. But somehow I'm wondering, do I look like that capable leader everyone is looking for? Is that the reason why my whole high school life everyone would quickly appoint me as the leader of the group? Or was it because I looked responsible and the fact everyone knew I was rich? Anyway I was quickly appointed group leader for the first group project Ms. Marissa Felix told us just because I became the contact head. Really? Guys, I'm just a contact head now you appoint me your leader? Well, I'm quite used to it since this happens all the time in high school. So, I looked at my group mates and all of them look decent since I knew some of them back in the freshmen orientation so I thought I would get the upper hand. I looked at the others 1 was korean, 1 I thought was Filipino ( when in fact his chinese, I think? ), 1 was the old man of our batch. The first project consisted of a production plan that would benefit the school. I admit there were a lot of frustration in my part. After we finally came up with the ' scented towels part ' the process of trying to make it work made it impossible because of the members of the group. But Eric, the korean of the group, helped me in a way I could atleast calm down on his assigned part. George, the old man in our group, I don't even want to start where he started annoying me but he does his work well I can say that. Brian, the chinese dude of our group, I'd give him a middle thumb since he loves procrastinating but also being productive. Louis, the girl I met at freshmen orientation, I have to personally text her to do her work since she does not reply to my group messages that I give out to everyone. Arienel, the what I call 'bansot' of the group since his small, has this trait ' easier said than done' what a bother. Robyn, a late comer of the group, I'd also give him an average like Brian but frustrates me that only at last minute he tells me what his gonna do. Kuya Earvin, the bromance with Kuya Mark in the freshmen orientation, his very nice to me but his very irresponsible period. Knowing these traits of my group members, I knew I was up for a challenge of handling these kinds of people in the group. I tell you, I was not happy with the first performance, everything crumbled apart. Me and Eric had the great momentum of explaining our unique product, but NOOOOO. George had to talk with Arienel DURING the presentation. Ms. Felix was so enraged we were sent out and had to do it again as we came in. 'YOU HAVE NO LOYALTY TO YOUR GROUP' these were the words that came out of Ms. Felix's words. I would want to argue about that since I stayed up all night getting the required info I get from my utterly useless groupmates, except Eric. But still I just kept quiet there and swore to myself I'd still do my best. The next presentation I had to make sure we would do our best. I had everything prepared and all I had to hope was that everything would go very smoothly. You know what? It did, the role-play advertisement went well! Arienel, Brian, George and Eric did well on that day I was almost so proud of them. I learned here that it would take a lot of perseverance and patience to coordinate with your teammates. I kind of learned that in the hard way considering, I... cried when I got yelled at by Ms. Felix. But still I learned something.

But alas! My term as a leader has ended as we moved to a new project, the research paper. Eric was now appointed leader and I was very relieved it was NOT the others, I can't see anyone who's more responsible than me or Eric. So far, it was a rough start that we had a miscommunication of what we were...
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