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well in your GD and increase your chances of selection.


The current state of our Education System.

Is Naxalism the biggest threat to national security?

Budget 2012: Has the finance minister done enough?

M&A: India Inc going global

With media publishing and telecasting trivia, censorship is the need

of the hour.

Should the public sector be privatized?

China and India are similar nations with contrasting ways

Value based politics is the need of the hour

Religion should not be mixed with politics

Why can’t we be world players in industry as we are in software?

Should there be private universities?

Public sector is more a hindrance than help to promote socialism.

Inflation is inevitable in our developing country.

Consumerism is destroying the social fabric of Indian culture.

Cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports.

To develop India has to empower women.

Advertising is a waste of resources.

State is the biggest violator of human rights.

Business and ethics go hand in hand, or do they?

Developing countries should spend more on development than on


Foreign trade is necessary for any country to survive.

State Interventions In Market Kind Or Mixed Economy

Nice Guys Finish Last

The Growing Menace of Casteism And Regionalism

Bullet For Bullet: Is It The Right Policy?

Should India Break Diplomatic Ties With Pakistan?

`East Is East & West Is Where All the Action Is': Mark Twain

American recession affecting Indian economy

Mobile telephony in rural areas

Are Indian IT companies truly world class?

Should cloning of humans be allowed?

Can Indian brands become global?

Positive attitude and not knowledge is required to run a successful


Are premier b-schools catering only to the elite?

Indian industry lacks visionary leaders

Global warming: A myth or a reality!

Corporate social responsibility - myth or reality?

Desire is the mother of invention

Flexi timings or fixed timings – which is better at work

Big retail chains will wipe out the small kirana shops

Regulation breeds corruption


The role of print media advertising has diminished with the advent of TV

Euthanasia should be legalised

The opportunities and challenges facing India in a unipolar world

India needs a benevolent dictator for the next five years

There should be compulsory sterilization after the first child

Film Censorship should be abolished

Voting age for Indians should not be lowered to 18 years

Students must take active interest in politics

In order to check AIDS sex with foreigners and NRIs should be banned

Capital punishment should be abolished

Cricket is a waste of national resource

Yesterday’s man was a finance man, today's is a marketing man, and tomorrow’s will be an HRD man

Communism is irrelevant in today’s world

Use of drugs in sports is justified

India cannot afford a sporting extravaganza like Olympics

In order to check brain drain, IIT graduates should be made to sign a bond to serve for five years in the country

Religion based political parties should be banned

Reservations for SC/STs is necessary for their upliftment

Our education system has proved ineffective

India should follow a two-party system like the U.S.

The Indian Army should reoccupy POK

With the lowest industry growth rate since Independence , India ’s liberalization policy has been proved ineffective

One man’s terrorist is another’s martyr

What India needs most is a presidential form of government

Corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere

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