Gd Topic: ”Is T20 Cricketkilling the Real Cricketing Skills”??

Topics: Twenty20, India national cricket team, Cricket Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 24, 2010
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Former Australia captain, now a cricket commentator and columnist ‘If Twenty20 is to be more than a craze(dislike), it needs to evolve and become more multi-dimensional, and balance the entertainment and the cricket better’.Thus,he supports T20 cricket from his side. Likewise, me too support the T20 cricket and as you could guess easily , I’m going to speak on “T20 is not a ban to cricket and it not kills the real cricketing skills.” Playing Cricket requires only skills..Not the form of cricket series it depends on. 2) Cricket requires only skills..Not the form of cricket series. If you have skills, you also can boost-up your name & fame through your style in cricket. As an evidence, let’s see this example.,

Let’s consider some players like :: Australia-Michael Hussy , South Africa- Jacques Kallis,Grim Smith NewZealand-Rose Taylor,

West Indies-Chris Gayle, India-Dhoni,Gambhir…

They shine in all forms of cricket(take ODI,Test matches,T20s and in even 30-30s if it comes I feel).

Why people like to watch T20 is that , it’s a THRILLER action-packed & DELIGHT for the spectators to watch –The result of winning can change towards the opposite teams at any time & the outcoming result will be known within 4 hours... That’s Why People like T20s more!!

3) For example., let’s take the Indian master players , Sachin @ Dhoni. When we come under Sachin,he’s a master hero in the overall cricket , Expert in ODIs and Test matches. As the old...
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