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Sayf Najafi

Short task 1

Hall Green School

Centre number: 20103

Candidate number: 8124

Task Title: Yeast

Yeast is used as a raising agent.

Plan and make one or two sweet or savoury items that demonstrate the use of yeast.

Evaluate your work:
For me to understand the task better I will explain these keywords which will help me to achieve the best results out of my task.

Yeast: This is a group of unicellular fungus that feeds on sugar and is used to make bread rise. Active yeast for bread baking is commonly bought in dry powder form. Sweet: Having the taste or flavor characteristics of sugar, honey etc… Savoury: A salty or spicy flavor, usually a main course for example a main course like chicken. Demonstrate: Clearly show the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence. Raising Agent: Any substance added to a food product e.g. bread or dough to allow them to rise before being cooked and whilst being cooked.

How I will tackle this task.

I have been asked to cook one or two sweet or savoury products for this task. I will need to research foods containing yeast. I will have 1 hour to complete the task. I am looking to spend about £4-£6 on my ingredients. Since I already have the correct equipment and enough space to complete this task, therefore I will not need to buy any equipment. I will demonstrate safety skills by completing my task safely in a clean and safe environment. As well as this the key words I have explained will help me to understand the task better not only this will help me ,but a step by step time plan I have created will allow me to follow steps correctly and carefully. I will present my work in an appealing way so that it is eye catching.

Dishes that contain yeast:

Bread sticks
Bread rolls
Bread loaf
Naan Bread
Olive bread
White bread
Raisin bread
Brown bread
Rye bread
Whole Meal Bread
Poppy seed load

Naan bread
I have chosen to make Naan bread for my chosen dish, because it refers back to the title of yeast since the Naan bread contains yeast it is an appropriate dish for this task also it is has a I have 2 hours to complete my task so I will have enough time to make the Naan bread and something to compliment the Naan bread, possibly a curry. As well as it being appropriate to the time provided and the title (yeast), there is also the sufficient equipment available in the kitchen to make this dish and the dish to compliment the Naan bread. Also I have the required skills to complete this dish which are being able to make the dough for the Naan bread and kneading the dough and also I have the required skills to make the dish to compliment the Naan bread with (chickpea curry).

I would price the naan bread at 35p a piece I think this is a suitable price since they are of good quality and are home-made naan breads. Also; they were very tasty, light and flavoursome.

Bread sticks
I have chosen to make Bread sticks; they show good use of yeast since one main part of making bread sticks is being able to raise the breadsticks and requires yeast to do so; this also refers back to the task title yeast. As well as this the time provided is enough to complete the product, and the dips to go with it. I also have the skills and equipment required for this task which would mainly be the production of the dough and the shaping of the breadstick. I also have easy access to the ingredients since I already have most of the ingredients in my house and anything extra can be bought from my local supermarket.

I would price my breadsticks at two for 59p or one for 39p. Two breadsticks would be a suitable portion for...
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