GC3 Candidates Observation Sheet Muhammad Farooq

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GC3 – THE HEALTH ANDCandidate’s observation

Sheet number of _____

Student name Student number

Place inspected Date of inspection ___ / _____ / _____

Control measures
Hazards and consequences
Immediate and longer term actions

 Over speed of vehicles entering the premises of Etihad Museum Site Area.

Risk of vehicular accident which may result serious injury or damage to property or may result early death Safety speed limit must implement inside premises by displaying the appropriate speed for light vehicles and for buses/truck sand heavy equipment’s. Segregation of vehicular and pedestrian routes must in place

Giving of training and awareness for safe driving to all sub-contractor drivers.

Regular maintenance conducted by a competent person and third party must approved. Valid driver’s license with authorization of UAE Transportations.


01 Day


Uncontrolled waste such as papers, plastics, pieces of wood sand other combustible materials are accumulated around Site Offices.

Risk of biological hazards on handling waste that may lead ill-health. Giving training and awareness on handling a proper disposal of waste and may be recycle process may applicable to develop wider environment.

Upon handling of garbage attendant must wear suitable PPE such as gloves (rubber), respiratory and proper hand wash of workers after handling of waste may introduce to prevent ingestion from the waste.

01 Day

Dangerous / Unsafe work practices such as: using modified tools in removing caps and fittings of the cylinders. Mixing of hazardous material in the storage area. Wrong handling of lifting the cylinders. a. Fire / Explosion.

b. Crush foot / hands.
c. Electrocution
Training and actual demonstration of handling of cylinders. Continues monitoring and supervision of the activities.
Enforce strict disciplinary action to those found violating the safety of the organization

Discard the improvised tools. And Requested new.
Segregate materials According to their properties and types.


02 Weeks
Working too fast while loading and unloading of cylinders.

a. Personal injury / death.
b. Explosion / Fire
Planning of delivery schedule to avoid panicking and rushing of loading and unloading. Create safety working procedure to guide and ensure deliveries are as per planned schedule. And safety working instruction to its specific area of responsibilities 01 Week

From main gate to Site Offices there was two ways route for the Vehicles and the pedestrian was using the same route. The forklift truck was running in the way.

Site Vehicles and Other Vehicles were Using the Same route it can cause collision with vehicles and pedestrian can cause injury.

Collision hazard, Personal Injury, Pedestrian injury, Property damage, Because of one way from main gate to Site offices, collision with Pedestrian, Site vehicles, can cause Serious Injury/Death

Provide signage’s / stop / , speed limit

Segregate the area for vehicles, Site Vehicles and pedestrians by barriers

Provide separate entry and Exit routes with solid partition in between Pedestrians and vehicles


01 Week

One Month
Observed one employee sitting in office in odd posture in front of computer 

WRULD, Eyes strain, Back Pain,
Provide Frequent breaks.

Make the assessment of workplace to provide standard DSE arrangements to suit the worker.

Provide DSE instead of Computer.

03 Weeks

02 Weeks

Observed that there was no notice board to give the information about procedures and different information to workers to update.

Disciplinary Hazard.
Lack of knowledge and information
Regulatory, Company policies, & working procedures,
Un competent workers, and development of negative culture...
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