Gbs 233 Lesson 1

Topics: United States Constitution, Personal life, Constitution Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: August 23, 2013
To Mrs. Ratliff and the entire Business Communications class. My name is **** and I'm a 42 year old veteran, musician and constitutional activist. I'm single, which allows me plenty of time to dedicate myself to school, my music and an important cause that I beleive in. I began earning my college education about two years ago. They say it's never too late to go back to school and in this case, without a doubt I have to agree. My initial motivation to enroll in college was a job offer I received at a wedding. The V.P. of Operations over heard me speaking to a group of people I had just met. He was impressed enough that he extended an offer that if I earned a general business degree I would be hired at a digital communications and software design firm. The decision was easy on my part. I enrolled two days later. The job he offered came with a handsome starting salary and benefits that will surely be beneficial due to the signigficant changes in the health care system. Before receiving the job offer, the thought of going to college had really never crossed my mind.

I was born in Ohio but moved around a lot due to my father's career as an Army Specail Forces Green Beret. He was an officer and was usually off in some third world country on some secret mission. Being raised on Army bases influenced me enough to join the US Navy in 1990. Three generations before me fought in a war and so it was almost a fulfillment of destiny that I fought in the Persain Gulf War in 1990.

Being raised on Army bases and my own tour of duty was significant in shaping me into the person I am today. These life experiences have been paramount in defining the direction in which I currently find myself headed in today. I am an activist who fights for the cause of teaching people the importance of preserving the constitution and the principles it represents. I have worked in many places and known many people throughout the world. These experiences have provided at least a portion of the...
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