Topics: Energy, Niels Bohr, Bohr model Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Physics 110 – Introductory Physics Final examName:____________________ June 27 – June29

Please answer the 12 questions in the space provided. You the back sparingly. Also use labeled diagrams and equations where appropriate. (Note if you’re looking in the text for an answer and you see a figure with the answer you find, you’ll probably want to include a figure with your explanation. Leaving out a figure can leave to an incomplete answer, but including one without linking it to your explanation is also incomplete.) Read all of the questions before you decide which 13 to answer. Each question is worth 10 points. Partial credit will be awarded where appropriate. If you answer more than 13 questions I will grade all of them and convert to a 13 question equivalent score, unless you indicate that you don’t want a particular questions answered, in which case I will ignore it.

This is a Take-home exam. The best sources are my notes, websites cited in my notes and the text. Cite any references you use. You should do your own work and write the answers in your own words. Merely copying facts from notes, textbook or a website often does not answer the question. Taking the shotgun approach by writing down everything possible on the topic also avoids the question and can introduce incorrect and unrelated information for which I have to take off points. Please be concise and be sure you address the specific questions asked and not just the general topic.

The exam should be hand-written and all diagrams should be sketched by hand as well. If you have concerns or questions during the exam you can contact me. Exams submitted by E-mail must be scanned versions of a hand-written document. No typed/word processed exams will be accepted. If you are unable to write and have registered with Student Disability Services then you may submit a typed document for the exam. This restriction applies to exams only. You should consult no one other than the...
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