GB570 Unit 6 SDLP Jennifer Diaz

Topics: Learning, Value, Value chain Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Kaplan University Graduate School of Management

Your Name: Jennifer Diaz Date: 03/20/2015

Course Title: GB570-03N: Managing the Value Chain

Professional Goals two years from now:
-Having an established and valuable business idea
-Succeeding in executing my business idea
-Eventually settle in a workplace position with no supervision or officials above level - To be at $75,000 minimum in the next 2 years.

Strengths to Leverage

Step 1: Strengths to Leverage
Step 2: Course Learning Goals
Step 3: Course Outcomes & Assessment
Analyze elements of the value chain
GB570: learn how to conduct a value chain analysis.
GB570: During units 2 and 3, brought together our knowledge demand chain and supply. After studying the many resources and discussion post, I was able to learn how to analyze a value chain and its numerous components. Creating value for organizations

GB570: Learning about drivers and their relation to cost.

GB570: Defining consumer value drivers was not a hard task as the weeks went on. The discussions and readings help put it in perspective and helped us see through the eyes of the consumer. Mastering enterprise technologies

GB570: Learning about the enterprise technologies currently used. GB570: Enterprise Technology was a very hard concept to grasp at first. Throughout the course I learned of various forms of enterprise technology. What I liked most about the concept of enterprise technology was how it adds value to the company and its relationship to cost reduction. Successfully manage the value chain

GB570: Knowing what core values are and how it effects value chain management GB570: The learning objectives from unit 5’s weekly discussion on value chain analysis certainly contributed to my understanding in knowing how to successfully manage a value chain specifically in response to identifying what may be the constraints in conducting an effective value chain....
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