GB560 Designing, Improving and Implementing Processes

Topics: Leadership, Personality psychology, Decision making Pages: 5 (741 words) Published: July 1, 2014

GB580: Strategic Management
Dr. Ray Kalinski
Shannon Moss
June 16, 2014

Personal Leadership Ethics Statement
Leadership is not something that everyone poses but can be learned over time. Leadership is a characteristic that depends on ethics and morals. Leadership varies by individual quality and takes many different meanings. Leadership also encompasses many different layers of qualities. A good leader will have influential traits, honesty, good listening skills, assertiveness, reliability, understanding, and empowering. As a leader it is important to lead from cores values. Not all leadership styles are the same in the business world and they each poses a unique strength, weakness, and growth opportunity. There are different scenarios that shape our thought process which lead to ethical decision making such as how to handle an employee’s error that found by someone other than the employee. In my case my leadership style is shaped by my stability and security, with strong attention to detail, energetic, and traditional. I am an ESFJ personality (Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). I share my personality type with famous people such as Bill Clinton & Harry Truman, both form US presidents along with famous actor/actress Danny Glover and Jennifer Garner. The ESFJ personality is also known as the Caregiver. From the view of others my personality trait is view as practical, altruistic, sociable and very committed. As described in 16 Personalities, “ESFJ personalities are great team players, always able to sense tensions and incompatibilities. They are very traditional, doing their best to support and defend authority and the law” (, 2014). Strengths of an ESFJ are their ability to be devoted and find ways to keep things in line. Leaders with ESFJ personalities are extremely serious, sensitive, and would make a loyal business partner. Weaknesses for leaders with an ESFJ personality are could be perceived as not able to handle criticism or conflict very well. My personality type plays a huge role in my leadership style. My ethical decision-making will be subjective to my ESFJ traits. I am likely to take a slower and thoughtful approach in dealing with ethical issues and decisions. As a leader I believe in team work and think that things should be done by the book. My approach to making decisions rely on morals, life experiences, legal policies, and the code of conduct in leadership. I research everything before making any decision. Information is carefully gathered and evaluated. Emotions and empathy play a huge role in my ethical decision-making. I tend to do the work for others myself, then explain why and how. Life experiences and cultural sensitivity help lead and motivate on a personal level. Theories that are most applicable to me are honesty and loyalty. ( There is no one good or bad style of leadership qualities that determine success or failure, it takes time to learn with job and life experience anyone can be an effective leader. Yet even the most experienced leaders run into road blocks and “new challenges require new leadership skills, behaviors, and ways of communicating” (Rhea Blanken, 2013). The follow eight styles listed by Rhea Blanken can be considered when trying to bring something new to the table and are part of my goals to becoming a great leader: 1) Charismatic

Influence other using your personality
Be energetic by motivating other to move forward
2) Innovative
Understand the entire situation and implement new change
Encourage innovation
3) Command and Control
Follows the rules and believes others should do the same
Top-Down interaction
4) Laissez- Faire
Has all the knowledge about everything within the business
Keeps an eye on employee performance and provides criticism
5) Pace Setter
High performance standards for themselves and the team
Embodies behavior from other employees
6) Servant...

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