GB513 Final project Colonial broadcast

Topics: Regression analysis, Variance, Null hypothesis Pages: 3 (409 words) Published: January 24, 2014
Final Project
GB 513 – unit 6
December 5, 2013

Key Metrics
 ABN has highest average Rating of the three networks

 ABN has smallest variance of the three networks

 ABN also has the smallest standard deviation shown as standard error on the table



 Compares two or more populations
 Shows how populations interact
 Returns the probability- value of p – of an F value occurring by chance  Decision rule
 Reject null hypothesis if the observed F value is greater than the critical F value (table)

 Tells the researcher how spread out from the means your group of numbers is.  The smaller the value the better.

 MAD= Σ|eᵢ|/ number of forecasts
 MSE= Σeᵢ²/ number of forecasts
 Analyzes the magnitude of forecast errors without regard for direction MAD & MSE for CBC
 MAD : 2.2655172

 MSE: 8.4113793

How accurate is the forecast?
 R²= 0.0096 – this is a measure of goodness of fit
 Indicates model is not a good predictor

 r = 0.115185 - measure of correlation – indicates degree of relatedness of ratings and ratings that include a star  The variables are not correlated in a significant way
Null Hypothesis
 Is equivalent to saying this happened by chance
 In this model the null hypothesis is adding a star to the movie has no effect on ratings  The alternative hypothesis is that there is an effect on ratings when a star is added  Hₒ:β=0

 Hₐ:β≠0
 Model showed that it is not a good predictor of ratings using the variable adding a star  Should the network hire stars? Not based on the results from this model.  The network needs to do further testing of additional variables to get a better idea of what might help predict ratings. Regression

 Ratings versus Previous Ratings

 Rating as the dependent variable

 Previous Ratings as the independent variable

 Ratings versus fact and star

 Ratings as the dependent...
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