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Topics: Sexual orientation, LGBT, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: October 14, 2014

In 2011, the Board trustees of a Catholic School in Burlington gave up to reject gay-straight clubs in its school. This made a sensitive and complex issue of homosexuality, which people argued about if the decision of the board was right. In my point of view, the decision of the Board's was right. The gay-straight club is not only good for Homosexual students but also good for the school. Firstly, this policy is able to encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students to come out. The gay-straight club offers these students a safe place with rights. For example, the rules of the club "combat" other students' "bullying" to the LGBT students"(Duncan par. 2). Certainly, homosexual pupils who are under the protection of the club will feel safe in the school, because club is like a big family belonging to the club members. Thus, they do not need to worry about becoming visible in the school. This is because the family will protect them. In addition, these students could get positive affections from the gay-straight club. Research shows that this kind of club makes homosexual students have "higher self-esteem", have fewer problems with "depression" and "suicide attempts"(FORD par. 1). Because of this protection, LGBT pupils suffer less visible and invisible marginalization from the people in school, which means they have fewer pressures than before and become positive. Therefore, allowing gay-straight clubs to be set in the schools is a good thing for homosexual students to show their real feelings. Secondly, gay-straight club is a great advantage for the school as well. The club may help LGBT students improve the marks. Homosexual pupils who participate in this club will be "less harassed by their classmate", "miss fewer school", and get "higher" marks than LGBT students are not in this club (Hernandez par. 2). It is true that the students who have different sexual orientation from the others are the minority group in their schools. To...

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