Gay Rights

Topics: Critical thinking, Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Homework Week 11
1. (1) Persuasion is the process of changing or reinforcing attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavior. It is an integral part of our everyday activities. (2) Persuasive speech is a speech whose primary purpose is to change or reinforce the attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors of receivers. (3) Situations:

I. When I have disagreement with my teacher’s points II. When I hope some friends join in my activity
III. When I hope my leader to accept my proposals
2. Two general outcomes:
(1). They want to convince listeners that something is so (that is, to change the way audience members think.) (2). They want to cause audience members to rake an action (that is, to change the way they behave.) “Adoption”: When your goal is adoption, you hope to persuade the audience to accept a new ides, attitude, or belief. “Continuance”: If your goal is the continuance of a way of believing or acting, you want to encourage people to continue to think or behave as they now do. “Discontinuance”: When your goal is discontinuance, you hope to persuade audience members to stop doing something they are now doing. “Deterrence”: When your goal is deterrence, you want to persuade the audience to avoid an activity or a way of thinking. 3. I think the ability to influence others is greatly related to job effectiveness. Especially, when you have a good idea in your work, you have to persuade your leader to take the idea. If your ability of work is great, you may be more persuasive. 4. Proposition of fact: a persuasive speech with the goal of setting what is or is not so. Proposition of value: a persuasive speech that espouses the worth of an idea, a person, or an object. Proposition of policy: a persuasive speech on what ought to be. 5. (1) Persuasion is different. When someone is successful at persuading you to do or believe she or he asks, you choose to think or act differently because you want to not because you think you...
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