Gay Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Sociology Pages: 5 (1303 words) Published: March 10, 2015
Gay marriage has a major impact on today’s society, in regards to the legalization of it and how it affects the representation of the nuclear family. In this essay, I will interpret same-sex marriage from a conflict perspective. The first social science article titled, “Same-sex parenting and children’s outcomes: A closer examination of the American Psychological Association’s brief on lesbian and gay parenting” by Loren Marks, talks about how children of lesbian or gay parents are not disadvantaged in relation to children of heterosexual parents. This study also explains that children who grow in a household of a single parent are actually worse off than children of homosexual parents. With this study, there is an emergence from the traditional family form of a nuclear family. However, the data represented in this article concluded that the idea of this is difficult to be grounded into science. The reason for this is because in order for this study to have more validity, there needs to be a sampling of a larger representative sample that is to include more diverse same sex families, and also examine the economic concerns that develop during adolescence and childhood. Even though this study may not be considered valid to science, it does provide future validity for future researchers. The next social science article titled, “The Future Impact of Same-Sex Marriage: More Questions than Answers,” by Nan D. Hunter explores the changes that occur when same sex marriage affects family law and the social definition of marriage. It talks about how the institution of marriage has continued to change over the past century. More specifically, the potential for change will take place in three different areas, including division of labor, sexual exclusivity, and childrearing. Even though the population of same sex couples is too small to yield significant change in behavior patterns, the topic of same-sex marriage has provoked enough attention to cause debate. The author concludes that the new notion of same-sex marriage is very likely to become a part of social acceptance through time. The next article is called “Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage” by Family Research Council (FCR). Some of the arguments included that children need mothers and fathers. Mothers and fathers play a social and biological influence on children. Mothers provide emotional security, while fathers can provide a model for girls in what to look for in a man. Another argument is that “Evidence suggests that children raised by homosexuals are more likely to experience gender and sexual disorders.” This argument is based on a study that shows sons of lesbian couples grow up to be less masculine and that studies show young children raised by same-sex couples report to having homoerotic relationships. This article is against same-sex marriage based on reasons that negatively affect the upbringing of children in same-sex marriage, the idea that it would isolate marriage from its procreative purpose, and that marriages thrive best in gender-typical roles that exist in a nuclear family. The last article titled, “Why Are People Changing Their Minds About Same-Sex Marriage” by Lisa Wade discusses the increasing trend towards support to same-sex marriage. Some of the more common reasons towards this upcoming support of the issue involve coming into contact with a gay or lesbian. The positive experience with them results in a change of opinion. Aside from having contact with one who is gay or lesbian, the media also portrays them in a good light through gay celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris. There is even a growing support of the issue from people who are religious as well. The shift towards American values show to be more open-minded and accepting as society changes. There is no doubt that gay marriage has become such a controversial yet sensitive topic around the world. I feel that this issue can be best...
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