gay marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Sexual orientation Pages: 7 (2377 words) Published: November 16, 2013
HI everyone, I need help on my argumentation essay. Here is the topic: "Should gay marriage be legalized ?" Feel free to jot down your ideal and emotions on my essay. If you come up some argues against my points, you can tell me to fix my essay. Just treat like your essay.

When I was 8th grade year in Sunnybrook Middle School, I was invited to a gay marriage of John and David. On May 1st, 2008, they began their wedding in the backyard of my family in the afternoon. They held hands, hugged, and kissed each other with tearful eyes during the whole time of their wedding. At ten o clock, I noticed parents of John and David who watched their wedding angrily in my Aunt Thai's house. They suddenly came over to my backyard, separated their hands, and yelled at their sons for their immoral marriage. After two month, John's family moved to Chicago so John and David could not see each other. Living in a harsh environment of Chicago, John quickly adapted to the fast pace of life and dated a girl name Marie. Now, I look back at John's life. I have realized that their parents are totally correct for preventing gay marriage. Gay marriage should not be legalized because gay marriage increases the chance of getting diseases, affects the children on academic performance and personalities, and destroys the meaning of family.

First of all, gay marriage increases the chance of getting diseases. Homosexual activities are the major causes of sexual transmission diseases such as HIV and AIDS, gonorrhea, hepatitis types B and C, and syphilis. According to a study done by Center for Disease Control in 1998, 54 percent of AIDS cases in America are homosexual men and 90 percent of HIV cases are gay. Moreover, in the article "Gay Culture Weigh Sense and Sexuality" written by Sheryl Gay Stolberg in 1997 of New York Times, young men have 50 percent chance of getting HIV by middle ages.

In addition to increase the chance of getting diseases, gay marriage affects the children on academic performance and personalities. Children living in homosexual family have lower academic performance than heterosexual family. In a study done by Rosenfeld, 9.5 percent of children raised in homosexual families have to repeat a grade while there are 7 percent of children raised in heterosexual families repeat a grade. Moreover, gay marriages affect the personalities of children. Researcher believes that children need both men and women to raise their talents instead of same sex parents. In the article Children Need a Mom and a Dad from, women support the physical and emotion needs of children while men encourage children to be independence and competitive. If a child lives in gay families, he or she will not find much love from mother. On the other hand, if a child lives in lesbian families, he or she will not find traits of competitive from father.

Finally, and most important, gay marriage destroys the meaning of family. According to the Webster dictionary, family can be explained in term of relationship duration and commitment. First, homosexual relationships just only last couple months rather than long term relationships of heterosexual marriage. In the article The Sexual Organization of the City written by sociologist Edward Laumann, he says that a normal gay relationship just only lasts six months and there are few couples which last more than two years. In another article Male and Female Homosexuality, Saghir and Robins conclude the average homosexual relationships usually last from two to three years. In addition to relationship duration, homosexual relationships are not faithful to each other's. Researchers point out that an average gay usually has a lot of partners in their lifetime. A study done by Bell and Weinberg shows that 43 percent of white gays had sex with 500 partners, and 28 percent of white gays slept with thousand partners.

Although there are many people say that banning gay marriage is an act of discrimination...
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