Gay Community

Topics: LGBT, Gay, Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The gay community or LGBT community is a loosely defined grouping of LGBT and LGBT supportive people, organizations and subcultures united by common culture and civil rights movements. Furthermore, the remarkable growth of the gay community in recent history has revolutionized our culture and consciousness, creating radically new possibilities for people to “come out”, and live more openly as homosexuals. Before the early years, homosexuality was a taboo subject. Since then, times have changed and this community is somewhat being accepted. Moreover, this diverse community is constantly expanding, and consists of many types of people. The gay community has gained great attention in arts, entertainment, media, and politics. Most of the people that make up this community each have their own unique style in all different aspects.

Consisting of races throughout all aspects of life, the gay community is worldwide. That being said, what makes up the gay community? Within the LGBT communities, there exist identifiable sub-communities, such as the leather community, bear community, chubby community, lesbian community, bisexual community, transgender community, and the drag community. Nevertheless, each one of the sub-communities have there own particular ways and views of there sexuality. In other words, they all stick together.

The gay community generally celebrates pride, diversity, individuality, and sexuality. The term gay pride is used to express the LGBT community’s identity and collective strengths; gay pride parades provide both a prime example of the use and a demonstration of the general meaning of the term. Also, within the gay community some people create there own particular family. These families consist of the mom, dad, children, and so on. They create a bond and they indeed stick together. Other interests within the gay communities include gay nightclubs, pageants, balls, and also lip singing shows.

The gay community is...
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