Gay bullying

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, LGBT Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Statistics say that 44 percent of LGBTQ youth report being physically harassed due to their perceived sexual orientation according to the GLSEN school climate survey. In the world today there are a lot of people that aren’t understood from people with mental and physical handicaps to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer community. In my opinion I feel like the LGBTQ community would be some of the people that are mistreated the most. Some of these homosexual children are bullied to the point that they feel there is no other way out but to take their own lives LGBTQ get treated differently because of who they love, and that is something that they cannot control. Would you want to be treated differently for the person you love? You can not control who you love can you? It kind of just falls upon you .

I do not understand how after all the generations of society there are still ignorant people that bully someone to the point of where they would want to kill themselves. These people pass their ignorance down to their children and so on, and hopefully somewhere down the line someone decides to understand or accept what is going on. Homosexuality is not new! Homosexuality has been going on since the first life form formed on earth., and it will continue to happen until the past think on earth dies. Some people think that the LGBTQ community chooses to be the way they are. I do not believe that at all . Do straight people choose the person they fall in love with? Can you make yourself not fall in love with someone? No, you cannot. It is not possible. Yes, you can tell yourself not to be with someone because of things they believe in or things they say and maybe things they do, but it will be hard. Well it is the same with homosexuals we cannot choose that we fall in love with the opposite sex. If we could choose who we fall in love with we would not go against humanity and fall in love with someone who is going to cause us to be bullied. The...
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