Gay and Lesbian Rights

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Today’s Rights for Gays & Lesbians

Today’s Rights for Gays & Lesbians

The state and federal laws for Gay's and Lesbian are unfair and discriminatory. In today’s ever so changing world it’s hard to keep up with laws. Most of the laws are printed on a fine line, but the rights for homosexuals are blurred. With the topic being hot in the media it is hard to get the correct story. Two of the most important rights that get blurred are marriage and same sex adoption. Same sex marriage is only legal in one state in the US, Massachusetts. Other than Massachusetts only four other countries allow same sex marriage. The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and Spain.


It is unknown how many countries allow adoptions by same sex parents. In the US, Florida, New Hampshire and Utah prohibited same sex adoptions. California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont and the District of Columbia along with a few others allow same-sex couples to adopt. All US states allow heterosexual adoptions. In all fairness is it not the American to get married, buy a house, have a family and grow old with the one you love?


With all of that said you can see how homosexuals are discriminated. If we all pay the same taxes, have the same jobs and on the same Earth, why can’t we all have equal laws? If the lawmakers would stop and realize how children would benefit all states would allow same sex adoptions. There would be hundred of thousands of children taken from foster homes and shelters to be put into caring homes. The children would also have a shoot at a good future. Today’s children of the world are our future. This is something most forget.

Potential lawmakers promise gays and lesbians they will fight for same sex marriage just for a vote. For instance in Fresno, California a gentleman by the name of Juan Arambula was running for Assembly in November 2004; He promised the gays and lesbians of Fresno he would fight for same sex marriage in California. In June 2005 when he was asked to vote on allowing same sex marriage he voted against it. This is something that happens all over the US. Gays and Lesbians are constantly lied to. Why would gays and lesbians vote for him if he wasn’t going to do anything for them?

Most lawmakers often let their personal religious beliefs run their political lives. It can be a good thing in certain cases but bad in others. Somewhere in the bible it says being homosexual is wrong. But later on in the bible it says you should love everyone no matter their sin. Politics do not seem to understand that. If it does not benefit them why should it matter if gays and lesbians should get married?

Currently there are no laws governing same sex marriage in the US except Massachusetts. What is in place of same sex marriage is a domestic partnership. A domestic partnership only allows sharing of medical benefits, insurance benefits and the benefit of buying a house together. It works as if you were in a business together. Its true benefits only go so far. Texas is in the middle of banning same sex marriages. After Texas house members voted on banning same sex marriage 10-year-old Kimberly Norman said "I don't think that they're opening their eyes to look at the world to see everything." The girl is speaking her mind because she is currently raised by a same sex couple. Karen Langsley and Jill Wilcox who are Texas residents and same sex parents stated "They put down who we are as individuals, as humans, who ought to be protected by the constitution that applies to every citizen.”

The benefits of marriage are much greater. If your partner was to be in the hospital on life support, you would have the right to turn off the life support. Being married would also allow same sex couples to file taxes together. It would also give the same sex couple the same label as married heterosexual couples.

The reason to why same sex...

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