Gautama Buddha and Siddhartha Study Guide

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Chapter 1 – The Brahmin’s Son Siddhartha Study Guide Questions 1. Why is Siddhartha unhappy? Why is his spirit like a “waiting vessel”? A- Because he needs to find an answer to his questions. And the waiting vessel is because it just sits there not doing anything. 2. Why is Govinda willing to follow him? A- Because he is his best friend. And he never wants to leave his side. 3. How are the Samanas described? From his description, how does the author feel about them? A- The way he describes them sounds neutral. 4. How did Siddhartha convince his father? Why didn’t he just go? A- He convinced his father by when his father rejected the thought he stayed still standing and waited until his father agreed. 5. Why, do you suppose, Siddhartha’s mother doesn’t have more of a role in the decision? A- I feel like in those times woman didn’t have much leverage there. Chapter 2 – With the Samanas 1. How does he act when he is with the Samanas? A- Like he is one of them. But he later he still searches for an answer. 2. What is his goal? What happens when he reaches that goal? A- His goal is to find enlightenment and achieve Nirvana. 3. How does Siddhartha meditate? A- His meditations are long. He never eats when he does it. And he says the holy word Om. 4. What frustrates Siddhartha? A- 5. Complete the quote: “I could have learned more quickly and easily ________________.” Explain this. 6. According to Siddhartha, what can one learn? Explain this. A- According to him, one can learn whatever they wish to achieve enlightenment. 7. Who is Gotama? What does the author think of him? A- Gotama is Buddha or the Illustrious One that Govinda

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