Gattaca Essay

Topics: Gattaca, DNA, Urinalysis Pages: 3 (1250 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Show how the opening scene introduced ideas that were concluded in final scene.

The movie Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccole, it a dystopian film a bout a man Called Vincent Freeman who is known to be a “God child” which in certain cases you would think to be a good thing but in this movie natural born children are considered the bottom of the heap. In this film discrimination exists not based on skin color, socio-economic class, culture or religion, but on whether or not you were genetically engineered to be perfect. Vincent has a lot of determination, drive, hard-working mentality, goals, and ambition and is much stronger, and better than the genetically altered person that he borrows DNA from called Jerome Eugene Morrow.  His donor DNA person is selfish, lazy, embittered and prideful. In this film there are many Ideas in the opening scene that are finalized the end, these ideas are carried through with a lot of suspense and also many intensifying scenes to show Vincent’s struggle with his dreams, goals and determination of going to space.

In the opening scene of the movie "Gattaca" It is actually set more towards the end while he flashes back to where he was conceived. We see Vincent in the shower scrubbing himself clean and trying to trace of every bit of dead skin possible which is the symbolical meaning of him trying to be ‘perfect’ and fit in with this society, while he burns the remainder of his own DNA in the caldron. He then goes to the science center and looks around.  After Vincent's urine test he changes his contacts in the bathroom. The lighting is very blue almost like science lab and it is as if his whole life is under a microscope. We see extreme close ups of fingernails, dead skin, and hair etc., which confuses us at first but introduces the main idea around the film, Andrew Niccol is now introducing that things aren’t always what they appear to be, and that we don’t know the whole truth about DNA, genetic engineering and its harmful...
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