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Gattaca Questions

Part I  (Short Answer)
1)      Compare the genetic traits of Vincent and Anton. How are they similar? How are they different? They are tall, brunette and men. They are different because Jerome does not have a heart condition, where Vincent does. Also, I noticed that Jerome is right handed, and Vincent is left handed; this provides symmetry. 2)      What does the character “German” do for a living? German’s character helps invalids do what they are told they cannot by finding people with perfect DNA, then sells their genetic codes to lesser important people in return for a part of their salary trades identities in the black market 3)      What is an “in-valid”? An invalid is a genetically-inferior person. 4)      List 3 ways that the society portrayed in the movie routinely “reads” a person’s genetic profile. DNA: Hair, urine, blood. 5)      What two major surgeries did Vincent have to enhance his genetic “imperfections?” He had the shin extension surgeries to make him taller like Jerome, and he had his teeth altered. 6)      List three things Vincent did on a daily basis to maintain his “Jerome” identity. He got rid of as much DNA as he could; scrubbed his body to get rid of loose skin cells, wore contacts, planted fake DNA around his workplace (like Jerome’s hair), glued a false thumb with Jerome’s DNA and blood, etc. 7)      Who is murdered in this film? Why? The mission director was killed because someone wanted to stop the shuttle from lifting off to Titan. 8)      What evidence pointed towards an “in-valid” as the murderer? An eyelash of an invalid was found in the corridor (crime scene) 9)      Describe the different attitudes Vincent and Irene have toward their imperfections. Irene is ashamed and believes that she cannot do anything about it because it lies in her genetic material, but Vincent believes that he can change who he is by pretending to be someone else to achieve his dream. 10)  What ultimately happened to Anton? Why? Anton and Vincent played one of their childhood games – to see who can swim the farthest from the shore without turning back – for one last time, to prove to Vincent that Anton will always be the faster, better, stronger brother. But Anton cannot continue, and loses strength, therefore he drowns, and Vincent ends up saving his life. Anton realized that even though Vincent is an invalid, he is very much capable of surpassing everyone’s expectations. 11)  If Anton was genetically superior to Vincent, why was their ultimate fate so different? Vincent always had the determination, the passion, and the drive to reach his goal, to achieve, and to (again), surpass everyone’s expectations. Anton figured that since he was genetically superior, he did not have to try as hard when going up against his brother. But with the willpower, and the strength, and the support from Jerome, Vincent was able to get up to Anton’s level of genetic superiority, even exceeding it since he ended up saving Anton’s life. 12)  What is the relationship between Vincent and his brother? How is it ultimately resolved? In their younger years, they were always competitive, and Anton always felt more superior to Vincent because of his “amazing” genetics, and this means that Anton was always favored. In the end, Vincent ends up saving his brother from drowning, and this shows that Vincent once again proved that he was worthy of Anton’s respect. 13)  What is the significance of the word “Gattaca”? The movie revolves around human genetics; DNA. The letters G T A C represent the initial DNA bases in our genetic structures.

Part II (Put a little more thought into answering these questions)
1. How is the relationship between Vincent and his brother Anton like and unlike the relationship between Vincent and Jerome? Jerome is willing to help Vincent achieve his dreams by giving him pieces of his identity, whereas Anton has always tried to crush Vincent; to be superior to him in every way....
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