Topics: Gene, DNA, Discrimination Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: October 25, 2006
Gattaca challenges the wisdom allowing genetic potential determined from birth to decide the future of an individual?

Genetic potential. What does this phrase mean to our society? Simply an aspect of the future to most, a mere scientific term that means nothing to some, or it could be a devastating reality for others. The film Gataca poses this question and seeks to find the truth behind genetic potential and how it is used to determining the future of an individual. Through the character of Vincent, it can be obviously stated that the future potential of an individual cannot be determined from birth or a blood test. Potential is achieved. Potential relates to inner strength, courage and determination all of which the main character Vincent possesses.

It can be argued that the discovery of DNA has been an extremely beneficial ordeal. Yes, the genetic makeup of an individual can now be found. Yes, knowing the genetic makeup of an individual can even save their life. But the big question is, will the genetic makeup of our next generation shape their lives, devastate their dreams and leave them feeling "invalid" or second rate to others? Vincent encountered these hardships first hand and the accuracy of science was never questioned. His genetic makeup was known. His genetic makeup became his potential, his impending future, and his label; Invalid. Will the next generation be able to achieve their potential or will it be handed to them within the first few seconds of their life? Should we accept it as fact when they tell us we are second best to our own dreams? Vincent didn't accept his DNA. Vincent achieved his potential. Sure, DNA was an exceptional finding that has brought about the successful treatments for horrible diseases and disabilities but, with all of the tampering of it, can we as a society go too far? The director Niccol, expresses concerns about what will happen if these scientific advancements are used without social or ethical restraints....
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