Topics: Psychology, Personal life, Gattaca Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: January 14, 2013
In the world of GATTACA, a person’s future is determined by their DNA. I wouldn’t want to live in this world, because your future and personal like/personality, you, are already chosen, so you have no choice of want you want your future to be like. In the movie GATTACA, Vincent has a dream to go to space but he can’t because of his DNA sequence. So he decides to become someone else in order to get a good job and fulfill his dream. Jerome has perfect DNA but he is disabled, so he agrees to give his DNA (skin cells, hair, nail cells, etc.) to Vincent so he could live his dream.

In the world like GATTACA you have your basic future already chosen for you based on your DNA. Just like in the movie Vincent’s future was already determined for him just because of his DNA, which showed that he had some disorders. Because Vincent had genetic disorders he couldn’t work where he wanted to or do things just because of his DNA. Vincent had a dream to go to outer space, but he had no chance to fulfill his dream because of his health condition. I think everybody should get a chance to live their dreams, and have the kind of future they want, not the kind that is determined by one’s DNA. In GATTACA, if someone found someone they love or at least like, they check their DNA first to make sure they’re a good “catch”. I think that’s just nonsense, humans were made to find their mate by love, not by “perfect” DNA!

Every person has a personal life and a personality, but in GATTACA in would be already chosen. It’s like people were put in categories in that world and you can’t do anything about it. It’s just like Vincent and Jerome. Vincent couldn’t change his DNA to become better, perfect. But Jerome on the other hand was perfect and still he didn’t value what he had. Jerome’s social status was high because he was better than others, while Vincent was an Un-Valid. DNA determines what kind of personality, attitude and other traits a person will have, but in my opinion...
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