Topics: DNA, Nature versus nurture, Gene Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: February 27, 2013
In this film, several attempts to exploit our future are presented such as : extremely well engineered genetic programs, and advanced life expectancy machines. In this day and age people are solely judged upon their DNA; therefore, only the most elite candidates could stumble upon the throne of success. Throughout this story the following stood out the most, extreme genetic engineering, Intelligence, and nature vs. nurture. These three factors single handedly sum up the whole purpose of Gattaca and the life of a man named Vincent who lived as a man named Jerome.

Genetic engineering, is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. Throughout Gattaca , humans are primarily expected to best the best. In order to keep up with modern day society , the blood of a genetically perfect being was considered to be the norm. For one man named Vincent, life was all but perfect. Given that Vincent was a “God Child”, Vincent had already been given his expiration date at birth. He was expected to live for 30.2 years, and would most likely die of heart failure. Needless to say, Vincent’s parents chose to conceive again, only this time they chose to genetically modify their new son. He was called Anton and was perfect.

Moreover, another interesting theme about this movie was Intelligence. Vincent was a very bright man who had always had dreams much bigger than himself. He prepared himself for his destiny of being an astronaut; however, Vincent’s dream was much further away than he really knew. Vincent was not exactly the perfect candidate for becoming a gattaca astronaut. After all, he had already exceeded his life expectancy and had a plethora of health problems. He soon met a man by the name of Jerome. Jerome was said to be as healthy as an ox and would practically life forever. Jerome made Vincent an offer he could not resist , an offer so great he would literally transform into another man. He...
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