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Gatorade VS. Water

Gatorade was developed in 1965 at the University of Florida by a team of scientists led by Dr. Robert Cade ( Two years later, in 1967, the University of Florida beat Georgia Tech. 27-12 to win the Orange bowl. The Florida Gators had Gatorade on the sideline, while Georgia Tech. had water. In a post-game interview, the coach of the Yellow Jackets was asked what went wrong; “We didn’t have Gatorade on the sideline, that made the difference”( Since then, Gatorade has taken over the sports industry and produces over $2 billion dollars in annual revenue ( High profile athletes such as Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, and Lebron James have all endorsed Gatorade. Gatorade is a sport drink composed of sodium, potassium, calcium, and chloride, which replenish necessary electrolytes your body needs during physical activity. However, some argue that Gatorade is nothing but excess sugar for the body, and water is better during physical activity. Gatorade has several advantages over water, and will produce better results during physical exertion.

There are several advantages of replenishing electrolytes during physical activity. Sodium, for example, plays a major role in muscle contraction and conduction of nerve impulses. Muscle contraction is directly related to the amount of the force a muscle can exert. Therefore, if there is a sodium deficit, the muscle will not be able to contract as well, decreasing the intensity at which you workout or perform. Exercise intensity is crucial in achieving muscular hypertrophy (gain in muscle mass). A sodium deficit in the body can also produce several negative side effects such as nausea, appetite loss, muscular weakness, and cramping. Gatorade conducted a study that compared the athletic performance of those who consumed Gatorade compared to water. They found that athletes who consumed Gatorade were able to exercise...

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