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Final Summary Paper
Gateway was a class that I thought had some moments where it was very useful and others that I didn’t think were as helpful. You and Emily are very approachable people, and I feel that if I had a problem or question, I could talk to either of you and y’all would be more than willing to help. Overall, I’m happy with the class, and I think that other freshman students need to consider taking it.

I felt that the textbooks readings weren’t necessary for the class. You could not read the assigned chapters because you would go over in class what exactly we needed to know for the exams. I didn’t read the chapters because you would do this, and I would do well on all the homework assignments without having read the chapters. The exams were pretty easy, especially since you gave us a review for each exam. I didn’t think they were too difficult, the short answer questions were the only ones that I ever had trouble on.

The reflective writings for each chapter were really easy to do, I thought of it like a journal. They did cause me to think about my life at OU, how my classes were going, and how I was adjusting to being at college, and I did like that part. The reflective writings made me think about the things that were going well and others that I needed to improve on. Also, it caused me to realize the differences between college and high school, and what I specifically needed to focus on to be successful.

The professor interview was actually very beneficial to me. It was the first time I went to a professors office hours, so I was sort of nervous about it, but it made me comfortable with talking to a professor about my questions regarding the class. Now, I go to professor office hours more often because I have realized it will help me in the class and the professors like knowing students care about their grade and aren’t afraid to talk to them about assignments.

A Letter to America was a very difficult book to get through. There was some...
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