Gates of Fire Summary

Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta, Leonidas I Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: August 31, 2010

Gates of fire is a story about Xeones, a Greek boy who is a survivor of the Battle
of Thermopylae in 480 BC. After awhile of living in his village it is over ran by
Argives , Xeones then wonders the countryside with two friends and spends hisearly years as an outlaw. Until one day he is captured enslaved by the Spartans ,
where they keep him with the other slaves called Helots. He is then paired with
Alexandros, the son of a high ranking Spartan officer, who he becomes friendswith. Xeones also experiences the rhetoric of the Helot " Rooster", son of aSpartan warrior Helot mistress. These two Helots help train Xeones in the
Spartan methods. He is then assigned to Dionekes , a calm, focused soldier who
is Alexandros mentor. Dionekes is selected to fight with King Leonidas and 300
Spartans in the fight to defend the "Hot Gates" at Thermopylae to delay the
movement of the Persian's toward invading Greece under King Xerxes. The
Spartans and their allies hold off the Persians for several days . Eventually, a
greek traitor leads the Persian Immortals the "elite troops" through a secretmountain pass that allows them to surround the Spartan position. Leonidas
orders all the allies to leave and the Spartans prepare to make there last stand.
The Persians eventually over take the Spartans with their missile weapons. They
are slain to the last man, except Xeones , who is critically wounded. He is
captured by Xerxes, in which he recovers, once he has done so Xerxes, wants to
know about the Spartans who held his entire army back. Xeones then tells himhis life experiences with the Spartans to Xerxes. It is from what he tells Xerces ,
that he finds out the rigors of the Spartan military life. He tells him of his
childhood to when he is captured by the Spartans to his interactions with theleading men and women of Sparta. A little while after he passes away becauseof the Persian...
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