Gates of Fire

Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta, Tell Pages: 3 (1290 words) Published: June 19, 2013
The story takes place in the Persian Empire were, the Spartans fought for seven days they fought until all their weapons were worn out. The last day they fought with their bare arms and teeth if it was deemed necessary. One Greek soldier was found underneath a wagon, his name was Xeones son of Skamandridas of Asakos, the city in Akarnania. It took him ten days to recover mentally, when he recovered completely he was taken captive. Xeones wants to thank The Majesty for allowing him to preserve his life. The Majesty is amused by how the Spartans had fought until the end, killing so many of his soldiers. Therefore he decided to spare Xeones life in exchange, for Xeones telling him the tale of Spartans how they were trained, what motivated them, and what philosophy did they live by, and what drove them to fight to the last standing man. Xeones began by telling The Majesty about how the Spartans trained their troops as punching bags, to endure their strength. Xeones tells The Majesty how many times he wanted to experience death first hand. He tells The Majesty how he had died in battle, and thought to himself now no one would ever hear the story of Spartans; nobody would know they ever existed because he was dead but then he spotted Apollo walking towards him nothing was needed to be said Xeones was saved by Apollo he needed to tell the story, he needed to live to tell everyone about this battle. They arrived to Thermopylae (a spa) in the Hot Gates, that is where Spartans established their camps between the Phokian wall and the Hillcock. The rangers cleared all the bathers and perfume vendors, masseurs etc. But the Spartan king refused to avail himself of this shelter, deeming it unseemly. The rangers followed and refused to use the shelter so in the end the tents were torn apart and used to bind the wounds of the Spartiates and their allies. The Spartiates had become so far that the freed slaves were allowed to fill in the empty spaces. Xeones was rejected by...
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