Gasoline to Hydrogen Conversion

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Natural gas, Petroleum Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Gas to hydrogen conversion
By Jordan catlow
The next step from fossil fuels is to a cleaner and more efficient fuel source which is hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the world. We can figure out a way to convert it to a fuel that power our cars. At first I was stubborn about switching from fossil fuels to a cleaner fuel. Because I like the older cars like the 1976 dodge challenger, or the 1978 Chevy camaro and I thought that they couldn’t switch to hydrogen but with a little research I found out that they can. With only a few hours you can convert just about any car to hydrogen ,some pros and cons about hydrogen are pros-better gas mileage, safer, more efficient, more abundant, and easy to install. Cons- not really any except that there aren’t many gas stations yet if you are going on a long road trip For the size of the tanks and the generator its well worth the price you could be saving thousands on gas and the system isn’t that expensive either compared to buying a ‘’smart car’’ you would be saving more money.But back to the main point is that you get better fuel economy, less emissions, more money to save on gas. Just imagine if people started to switch to hydrogen from fossil fuels there would be less pollution, less carbon-monoxide in the air, the glaciers wouldn’t be melting as fast and the o-zone would be restored over time and china would be less inclined to use fossil fuels so they might switch to hydrogen. In the rising economy the demand for a cleaner fuel and energy source is critical to achieve and if people started to buy wind turbines, solar panels and etc. And another thing about this conversion is that you can switch back to gas if you wanted to. It is also known that you can run propane through a diesel engine and that’s a lot cleaner than diesel so that should be another type of alternate...
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