Gaseous Exchange Questions for Your Exam

Topics: Lung, Carbon dioxide, Asthma Pages: 13 (2672 words) Published: January 20, 2013

|3.4 Breathing System and |Objectives | |Excretion |At the end of this sub section students should be able to: | |3.4.4 Lungs & Breathing |Draw and identify the breathing tract in humans | | |Give the function of the parts: Nasal and buccal cavities, pharynx, epiglottis, glottis, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli | | |Explain the essential features of the alveoli and capillaries as surfaces over which gas exchange takes place | | |Describe the mechanism of breathing -- how we inhale and exhale air | | |Give the role of the diaphragm, the intercostal muscles and brain (exclude CO2, levels) in breathing | | |Explain pressure changes in the thoracic cavity during breathing | | |Outline gaseous exchange in alveoli | | |Give the role of haemoglobin in oxygen transport | | |Explain source of carbon dioxide from the plasma | | |Explain water vapour exhalation. | | |Carry out the breathing exchange experiment using limewater or bicarbonate indicator | | |Describe the experiment to show the effect of exercise on the breathing rate | | |Compare healthy lungs with lungs of unhealthy respiratory systems and note the differences | | |Demonstrate the effect of cigarette smoking using cotton wool, bicarbonate indicator, etc | | |Explain one breathing disorder, e.g. from asthma and bronchitis | | |Give possible causes of the disorder | | |Describe prevention and treatment of the disorder | |3.4.7.H CO2 Gaseous |Explain how CO2 levels are a controlling factor in the human breathing (respiratory) system. | |Exchange |Identify the brain parts concerned with CO2 detection | | |Explain why CO2 levels rise in the body | | |Explain the idea of oxygen debt | | |Explain how CO2 levels are a controlling factor in stomatal opening. |...
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