Gas Station Management

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A. Nature of the Project

The proposed business is a service and product provider which will serve the needs of the customer. This proposed business will be named as FBM Gasoline Station which derived from the family name of the co-owners, the Fernandez, Boiser and Maningo. The proposed business is a corporation. The project will engage in variety of fuel product such as Super Premium, Regular, Diesel and Kerosene. It is primary used for gasoline in automobile, trucks, motorcycle and for motorized bangka as well. It will also serve as the main product of the crude oil.

B. Background of the Study

The proposed business is categorized under the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. In starting a business that will help the owners earn profit and at the same time observing the needs of the customers which are not yet serve. This will serve as a business opportunity. A proponents decided in putting up a shell station upon the observations in Vitali, Zamboanga City and other nearest barangay, that there is no gasoline station in the area. That people are buying the petroleum need to retailer at a higher price compare in buying this product to a legitimate seller such a gasoline station. With this observation the proponents decided in putting this kind of business in the area. The gasoline station will provide the fuel products that will benefits to those who consume the fuel product of Vitali and the other nearest barangay.

Facilities for motor vehicle repair are often a part of the station. Of course today there are gas stations everywhere, but when cars were first invented gas stations weren’t around yet. People actually bought gasoline at the general store. People filled buckets with gasoline and used a funnel to pour it into the car’s gas tank.

C. Significant of the Study

The proponent has to establish the proposed business that will serve a large proportion of the people of Vitali and some of the nearly barangay’s.

The output of the study will benefit the following:

• Used fuel products who own motors, those cargo tracks/delivery tracks, jeep and tricycle drivers and owner of the boats who will retail their fuel product and busses as well.

D. Objective of the Study

The main objective of this study is to be able to assist the customer in accessing the demand in gasoline station.

• The objectives that the project expects to achieve are:

• To provide the better quality of fuel product

• To supply the needs of customers for their vehicles

• To provide more stable employment

E. Scope and Limitation

The scope and limitations of the study are as follows:

• The marketing aspect presents and examines the demand for the project’s proposed outputs, the possible levels that they ought to be produced, if warranted, the prices at which they may be sold or dispensed to the beneficiaries, and, in general, the distinct characteristics of the project’s identified markets that could represent needs which the project could address.

• The management aspect will discuss about the basic consideration in forming organization, officers of the business, personnel and business policies.

• The technical aspect will discuss about the manufacturing process, its location, floor plan, the quantity of fuel products to be sold per year and the utilities required as well.

• Financial aspect will have break-even analysis basis the net income, asset and the production cost.

F. Identification of SWOT


• The first gasoline station in Vitali

• The location of the proposed project is near the target market...
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