Gas Leak Letter

Topics: Natural gas, Gas leak, Influenza Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Dear News Paper Company,

I am contacting you to bring to light a very important issue that many are probably unaware of. This issue is the cause of why so many of us living in this community are getting sick and with the same symptoms. I have just recently moved into this community and noticed that shortly after living here I became sick with symptoms similar to the flu but, no fever and they did not go away like the flu would. I then became concerned and started to conduct research on my own; as no one know the cause of this illness, not even my physician. After, doing much research on why everyone is getting sick and when this started to happen. I have gotten reliable evidence that the source of this illness actually lies with the gas company having a leak. During my research I spoke with many citizens here as well as businesses and we all have the same symptoms, that occurred right around the same time; which is when the gas company installed the new lines. I have also consulted many articles related to the building of this community and the codes in which companies such as the gas company have to follow. As well as looking into other similar instances in which corners have been cut and things have gone wrong such as here. Many times people do not even realize there is a gas leak as it does not make noise and often there is no odor at all. Natural gas poisoning can cause all kinds of medical problems including but not limited to headaches, asthma, depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, and many more. This can even affect our pets and other animals in town with unexplained illness; although there is not much research in this area. ( The Mercaptan that is added to natural gas to add a rotten egg smell is not noticeable here due to the fact of there not being enough gas mixing into the air to create the smell. This is not to say that the amount is safe though since, the continuous exposure to natural gas is extremely dangerous and if...
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