Gas Inventory System

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I. Introduction
The researchers provide the basic information needed for the completion of the study in this chapter. This chapter also delves on the proposal of the system as well as the implemented methods, which are both common tools utilized by a system analyst.

The Petron Gas Station Gapan Branch started the business way back 1995. Almost a decade and a half had passed and this gas station is standing still. The technology evolves fast but this gas station doesn’t seem to evolve with regards to the technology. The gas station wasn’t that aware of the computerized system other company is using. They are not aware yet of computerized inventory system, that is much faster, accurate and more reliable rather that the manual system which they are currently using. In manual inventory also, most of the jobs are done by writing items on a log book and keeping it on a cabinet.

Some problem approaches them because they are using this kind of system, the manual inventory. To name a few, here are some of the problems they currently are facing: they go to the main branch just to know if they lose or gain profits for a day/week or month; recording of sales; updating their inventory; viewing stocks; human error, and unreliability. Although the transactions are doing well, they have noticed that sticking to this kind of system, the manual inventory, takes time and effort to their personnel and to the company, and they have seen that it could be cheated or changed by someone easily. The gas station does not want those problems to continue and interact with their operation so that is why the researchers will hope to come up to a best solution to help the gas station. But even though they face these kinds of problems, this gas station maintains their sales, and is moving forward toward high profits.

II. Statement of the Problems
The following statements are needed to address the proposed inventory system: 1. How the proposed system will help to the operation...
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