Gas Absorption

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Name: Pekshna Kisto ID: 1011902 Chemical & Environmental Engineering Gas Absorption
Assignment 1: Give one industrial scale example where gas absorption is used? Gas absorption is a process whereby a contaminant (gas or vapour) is removed from air or another gaseous stream by contact with a flowing liquid phase. In oder to increase the surface area available for mass transfer, the operation is almost always conducted inside a tower or column packed with a bed of high surface area filling material. The operation of the column makes use of the fact that the contaminant is soluble in the liquid phase, and therefore has a driving force to dissolve in the flowing liqui d. Industrial scale gas absorbers are often referred to as “scrubbers” because they are frequently used to clean contamination out of the air exiting a plant. A common example of an industrial – scale gas absorption is the removal of SO 2 from the air exiting an oil refinery.

Fig 1: Piping and Flow Diagram – Gas Absorber Experiment

All persons involved in operating the gas absorber must wear all appro priate personal protective equipment at all times. For example: Hard hats, Splash goggles, Closed -toe, Non-perforated shoes, Long pants, Long sleeved shirts/ sweater, Heavyweight nitrile gloves. The items required when working with anhydrous ammonia cylinder are: Splash shield, Half-mask respirator with ammonia cylinder. Fortunately the Ammonia smells very strong, so it will be likely to notice it before it reaches hazardous concentrations. When running a gas absorber, we must first determine the appropr iate flow rates of incoming gas (G, L/s) and liquid (L, L/s). Flooding in counter current -flow gas absorbers occurs when an inlet gas flow rate is too high, so that it interferes with the downward flow of the liquid through the column. In extreme cases, an upward flow of the liquid through the tower may be observed....

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