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Maths Coursework

Factors that affect the second hand value of a car

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2.Types of sampling4-5
Random sampling
Systematic sampling
Stratified sampling
3.Bar graph and Pie chart5-6
4.My chosen method of sampling6
5.Scatter diagrams 7-17
second hand price and age
second hand price and mileage
second hand price and engine size
6.Cumulative Frequency 18-35
1st set – second hand prices of the sample of 40 cars and individual car makes 2nd set – age of the sample of 40 cars and individual car makes 3rd set – mileage of the sample of 40 cars and individual car makes 4th set – engine size of the sample of 40 cars and individual car makes 7.Box and whisker plots35-41

1st set- second hand price of the cars
2nd set- age of the cars
3rd set- mileage in the cars
4th set- engine size of the cars
8.Histograms 42-53
1st set- distribution of the second hand price of the cars 2nd set- distribution of the age of the cars
3rd set- distribution of the mileage in the cars
4th set- distribution of the engine size of the cars 9.Standard deviation
Second hand price
10.Price depreciation 54-55
13.Useful for
14.Sample of 100 cars58-61
15.Sample of 40 cars62-64
16.Car advertisement65

Factors that affect the 2nd hand value of a car.

I am doing an investigation based on the prices of used cars. I have been given a database of 100 cars. I plan to use many different statistics methods such as pie charts, bar charts, scatter graphs, cumulative frequency curves and box and whisker plot because it is much more easier to understand the information if different types of statistics methods are used. I will describe and explain the many graphs I will have created from the data that has been provided for me. Scatter graphs will mainly look for the relationship connecting two factors. I will be explaining each step I take in this project and giving a reason for the steps that are being taken.

I am going to look at the relationship between the age and price of used cars because in most cases, I know that the older the car, the cheaper it is, unless it is a vintage car that has been maintained every once in a while. The price and its affect on mileage and engine size is another factor that I will be looking at. This is because the mileage can affect the state of the car and the engine size gives us an illusion of the power of the car.

I will be comparing the graphs to see the affect the price has on the factors. I think that these factors are important because they are the main factors that any person would look at to judge the car they are buying. Age is an important factor because the older the cars are, the worse state it is in, unless it has never been used. Mileage is an important factor because if there is lots of mileage then the car will be cheaper (this can be seen on page ). The engine size is an important factor because I've noticed that the size and price of the car goes by the largeness of the engine size (this can be seen in page ___). Also, government have said that the owners of cars under 1000 c.c. will be able to pay less road tax. This shows that smaller cars are cheaper because they emit less CO2.

My hypothesis has been made from looking at these important factors and noticing patterns that can already be seen form the database (see page ). I have also talked to people about their purchase over a new car., as well as looking at car advertisement, which tells us a lot of details on the judgement of cars by people (see page __ for an advertisement). Therefore my hypotheses are: 1.The older the car the lower the second hand

2.The higher mileage the lower the second hand prices
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