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“Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto
In 7th grade Literature, we read the short story “Seventh Grade” about Victor who tries to be someone he is not just to impress a girl. What kinds of things do students in seventh grade at MMS do to impress other people (and not just someone of the opposite sex)? Tell me three things that you or other peers do to try to impress others and explain each one. * The things that student would do to impress someone at MMs. they would dress nice, get there hair or nails done, or by some fancy thing they would love like perfume and coloune * They would make sure they are looking there best to impress them.They wouldalso try to say something very clever to impress them.They cant smell badwhen there talking so they have to make sure that they brushed there teeth and put deoderent on. * sometimes you try to impress people by tring to be popular.sometimes you try to be with the cool kids to just impress one.wearing cool cloths and having leather jackets and walking with swagger. you try to be a bully to impress the one to be the friend cause you might know that he/she likes bullies.he/she might like them but sometimes he/she could be picky about it if you pick on one of there friends. might try to be able to talk to that person to get there might try to get there attetion by tring to be best friend with that persons friend.also to try to sit the closest to that person. * People all the time at my school. There are many ways to impress guys or girls it doesn’t matter. One way is to pretend like you know something that you don’t just like Victor did in “Seventh Grade”. Another way to impress someone be the best that you can at something s it looks like your the best in the shcool at the thing you did. The last way to impress someone is wear some neat clothes and pretend like it is nothing and you wear clotheslike this all the time. That is how I or most the people in seventh grade would try to impress someone. * One thing seventh graders do to impress somebody is act like a celebrity and act cool. By wearing diffrent clothes and having a diffrent hair style.Also by wearing things that celebrities wear like a Micheal Jackson jacket. Another way seventh graders impress somebody is by wearing deoderant or colongine. They try to wear fancy stuff and look all cool.Another way that seventh graders impress somebody is by trying to do something that they cant do. Like trying to speak a diffrent language or a sport. * *Some people try to show off.

Like when people try to do there best t impress someone.
They also try to act like their cool infront of that person. People also try to show how much money they have so the boy/girl will think they are rich. *Some people try to show how strong they are.

Like when they are in p.e. they try to do their best so somebody can think they are better than someonelse. *Some people chnge thier attitude.
Like if they are mad they will calm down because they see the person they like. * these are my three things first thay try to act cool and get the coolest clothes in schoo. next they act out in frount of the teacher.scond thay act cool next thay brag about being cool last thay try to beat u up. third thay are not cool to me. thay are jerks. and i dont like people who act like there better thay everybody else. * A lot of people do crazy things to impress someone.They do crazy things because they think it is cool.They might get in a fight because its so “cool” Another thing they do to impress someone is that they drees up with clothing that is very expensive.They get that kind of clothing because they see a lot of people wearing it.I do not think it is very important how u dress up. They also hang out with people that are very popular.They hang out with them because they think that they would make them popular.A lot of people do things to impress someone. * somepeople do stuff they aren’t supposed to do to impress people. people do that...
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