Gary’s House

Topics: English-language films, Suicide, 2000s drama films Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Assessment Task - Gary’s House
In the play Gary’s House the compose Debar Oswald used dialogue to convey the idea that significant disaster in one’s life can act as a catalyst for one to reassess their life and reform their ways in their play. Gary inherits a block of land which is a joined with his sister, but he uses the land to build a house for his 19 years old pregnant angry girlfriend. The construction of the house is a symbolism of the characters live. Bebra Oswald used dialogue to connect the velation ship of the characters importance the contact before/after Gary’s death.

Gary is a hard worker, likes to finish what he starts even though he does not have much to start with. A dialogue that shows this is “got no choice. Gotta finish in time” said by Gary to Dave, it shows us that Gary wants to finish the house as soon as he can. Gary is a man that was affected by his childhood and he is easily agitated. Even though Gary is much older than his girlfriend ‘sue-anne’ he is really protective over her and has a clear understanding with her, mostly he is a loving and caring man that’s been through a lot in his past. Gary’s girlfriend Sue-anne is 19 year old pregnant teen with bad temper. She is immature, unappreciative, attention seeking and has a big negative side of her. She also has a clear understanding with Gary.

Dave in act one was just an observer as he doesn’t physically aid anyone, also he reluctant to connect with Gary or Sue-anne. Mostly Dave was a random guy who chats up with Gary. Through the dialogue we see that Dave is a lazy, clam, quiet and collected to himself. A dialogue that shows this is “Ooh no, mate. Too much hard slog in building” Oswald highlights the idea that Gary wants the house done and Dave is slowing him down. Dave: you’ll kill yourself, mate- working like that in the heat of the day. Gary: got no choice. Gotta get it finished in time.

In scene four Gary starts to convey some of his life story’s to Dave and connect...
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