Garth Brooks

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Gath Brooks

Troyal Garth Brooks (also know as Garth Brooks) is the world’s greatest country singer of all time. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7, 1962. He was raised in the small town of Yukon with country music in his blood. He was the youngest child in his family that consisted of six children. His Mother, Colleen Carroll, was a Professional country singer while she raised Garth and his five other siblings with her husband, Troyal Carroll. Troyal worked as a engineer for Unocal, an oil company located outside of Oklahoma. (Book, garth brooks) He played guitar and taught Garth how to play. Both of Garths parents were a huge part of making him who he is today. Garth did things that Elvis, and Michael Jackson never even accomplished.

Garths family never would have thought he would be a singer. He was always the athlete in the family. Excelling at Track, Baseball, football, and basketball in high school. His sisters and his mom were the musicians in the family. He was never into music that much. The only music he would listen to was, KISS and Journey (database, Biography) Garths senior year he started to really like county music. He wanted to learn how to play guitar so his father taught him how to pluck and sing mostly just for fun.

After he graduated high school he attended Oklahoma State University on a partial track scholarship for javelin, graduating with a degree in advertising in 1984. Garth talked of going to Nashville before he completed his degree. His mother begged him not to go and wanted him to get a real job. Heeding his mother’s plea, Garth decided to stay in school. He worked as a bouncer in addition to playing with a band. He met his future wife, Sandy Mahl, when he broke up a fight in the bathroom. He took her home and really liked her. He got her number and called her a few months later.

When Garth Graduated College he decided he really wanted to go to Nashville. With his mother begging him not to leave he...
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