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Chapter One
1. Origin of The Report

The report title “Export performance of readymade garments sector of Bangladesh” has been prepared as a practical fulfillment of MBA Degree in Daffodil International University. Student are required to undertake and internship program. For this purpose each of there is attached with or organization. During the internship a student has to prepare a report on the organization where he is assigned. He has also to undertake an were of investigation o the organization for detailed study.

The basic purpose of this attachment is to expose the student to the real business world. This exposure acquaints his with the practices of modern business world. This exposure is very helpful is seeing for oneself how things move and to find the gap as well as the similarities between theoretical and practical knowledge. 2.Aim and objectives of the study

The main objectives of this internship report is to provide on “Export performance of readymade garments sector of Bangladesh”

To know the export performance of Bangladesh garments in international market;
To identify the difficulties and barriers faced in the international market;
To identify possible threats to the Bangladesh garments in the international market in near future;
To identify the opportunities of the Bangladeshi garments that may be realized in the international market.
To recommend the measurers needed to be taken for increasing the export volume.
To Know the current RMG export status of Bangladesh.
To full fill the course requirement
3. Methodology

Bookles and Brchures of BATEXPO’ 2005 held on 29-01- October 2005 Garments-Bangladesh (Date as of September 1988)
News letter o BGMEA issue March 2005
Bangladesh country paper on Ready Made Garments Industry of Bangladesh Presented by: Md. Hossain Ali, Economic Consultant the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. BBC NEWS World south Asia Bangladesh garments aim to compete.htm BGMEA (1996), Booklets and Brochures of BATEXPO’ 96 held on 3-5 October, 1996. Siddiqi, H.G.A. (1995), Emerging Competitors and in Global Apparel Markets: Strengths, Weakness, Opp0ortunity and Threat Analysis, Keynote paper presented at the BATEXPO’ 95, October 4-5, 1995. International Trade forum-The quarterly magazine of the International Trade Centre Textiles and Garments.htm.

4. Scope of the study

I assigned to do my Internship program in “DBL Group” this internship program designed by the school of business Daffodil International University together practical knowledge about overall activities of the DBL group at corporate office Dhaka my project was limited in “Exports Performance of Readymade Garments Sector of Bangladesh. How ever I studied all the main functional areas of the company they are: Admin department, Marketing Department and other valuable work in garments factories. I also introduce with companies service polices and program. I also observed in interaction general manager with other functional department o the company. 5. Limitations of the study:

From the beginning to end the study has been conducted with the indentation of making it is a complete and truthful one. However many problems appeared in the way of conducting the study. During the study it was not possible to visit the whole area covered by the company although the financial statements and other information regarding the study have been consider. The study considers followings limitations:

All the department of corporate office were not physically visited. All the concerns personnel of the company have not been interviewed. I have been assigned to perform my internship program Head Office of “DBL Group” in this office export related work are not practiced. This is why acquiring practical knowledge about export activities was not consummated.

Chapter Two
1. History of the...
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