Garment Manufacturing Technology

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Overview of Garment Manufacturing technology - Concentrating on cutting equipment [Document Subtitle]
Abik Hirawat

garment |ˈgärmənt|
an item of clothing.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French garnement ‘equipment,’ from garnir ‘equip’ (see garnish ).

Garment refers to any covering for the human body that is worn. Garment making is one of the basic content of fashion designing. .
There are 2 types of garments. One is Woven garments. Another is Knitted garments Shirts, trousers, sarees, bed spreads, blankets, towels and made ups are Woven. T-shirts, sweatshirts, undergarments, pyjamas and socks are Knits.

Woven fabrics are made in hand looms, power looms and mill made. Knit fabrics are made in different kinds of knitting machines.

Garment Manufacturing Process Overview

Garment manufacturing processes include all activities from the point when textiles are received at the factory, to when retail-ready garments are shipped to the distributor. Some processes—such as fabric relaxing, cutting, and sewing—occur in the manufacturing of all garments. Other optional processes may also be performed as specified by the customer, including such things as embroidering, screen-printing, and laundering. Depending on the size of the manufacturing facility, some garment manufacturers choose to subcontract those optional processes.

This is the Basic Production Flowchart of a Garment. In advance some of the process can be added or removed.

| Receive Fabric * Garment factories receive fabrics from overseas textile manufacturers. * Material is temporarily stored in a warehouse until needed for manufacturing.| | Fabric Relaxing * Fabric bolts are unrolled to allow material to relax and contract. * Fabric relaxing minimizes shrinkage during washing.| | Spreading, Form Layout, and Cutting * The fabric is cut into uniform plies and spread onto the cutting surface. * Forms are then laid out on the top of the spread, and the...

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