Garibaldi: Naples and Strong Right Arm

Topics: Naples, Italy, Sicily Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: January 30, 2012
1) How did Garibaldi try to persuade Italians
to fight for Italy’s independence?
2) Propaganda is the use of slanted information to further one’s own cause or damage an opponent’s cause. What are two examples of propaganda in Garibaldi’s proclamation?

The Sicilians are fighting against the enemies of Italy, and for Italy. To furnish them with money and with arms, and to bring them the aid of his strong right arm, such is the duty of every Italian. The spirit of discord and the indifference of any one province to the fate of her neighbour are the things that have been at the bottom of the misfortunes of Italy. The salvation of Italy began on the day on which the sons of the same soil rushed forward to defend their brothers when in danger. If we abandon these brave children of Sicily and

leave them to their fate, they will have to fight
against the mercenaries of the Bourbon, plus those
of Austria and those of the priest who reigns in Rome.
Let the people of the liberated provinces lift high their voices in championing the cause of their brothers who are fighting! Send your generous youth where the battle is for the Motherland! Let the Marches, and Umbria, and Sabina, and the Roman Campania, and the land of Naples rise, so as to bring division into the forces of our enemy! If the towns do not offer sufficient support to the insurrection, let the more determined of you range the country in bands. A brave man can always find arms! In the name

of God, do not listen to the cowards who parade
before their richly laden tables!
Let us arm! Let us fight for our brothers! Tomorrow, we shall fight for ourselves. A little band of brave men who follow me on the country’s battlefields are marching to the rescue along with me. Italy knows them: they appear whenever the tocsin of danger sounds. Noble and generous comrades! they have consecrated their lives to their country. They will give to her their...
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