Gardian Angel

Topics: Guardian Angels, Guardian angel, God Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Guardian Angel
The topic that I choose to write about is the Guardian Angel. Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that are assigned from the good Lord to help people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several people or several angels for one individual, it could go either way. In fact, whether you believe in them or not, believers insist is that you do have a guardian angel. The guardian angel is a unique “spiritual being” that I find very interesting to talk about and real in every way and this is based on facts that happened to other individuals and from my own personal experience. A guardian angel in my opinion is a protector that guards you or a group of people from evil and can also guide you through the toughest of times.

I believe a guardian angel is given powers from the good man upstairs. Guardian is to guard and angel is an angel sent from God. Religious people who have faith and believe in God are more typical to believe in guardian angels. It is a blessing from the good Lord to have a guardian angel walk by your side. A guardian angel is like a shadow and is always there to assist you from the evil. The little miracles that happen to a family or a person are the work of God and his helpers, the Guardian angel. For example, the time when I was eleven years old and I was helping my uncle Don paint a Denny’s restaurant. I was up on the upper deck painting the ceiling when I went too much on the side and fell straight down, at least 13 feet from the top. My uncle Don said that he found me on a pile of tarps sleeping. I know that I had a guardian angel looking over me at the time; it was as if my guardian angel took control of my body providing me some wings to slow me down from a bad and dangerous fall.

The evil things that we are sometimes surrounded by are when a guardian angel is most needed and present themselves. Another example is when Congress woman Gaby Gifford’s got shot in...
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