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For many years gardening was a part of living. Many people depended on what was Harvested from their seasonal crop (as they would have called it), to make it through the winter months when nothing could be cultivated. For some people, especially those from older countries, this statement is still true. Being from Italian decent myself, I learned at a very young age, how important the earth was, and how to respect and treat it, so our families could enjoy and share all its delicious pleasures. This is still true for many other cultures. However, for most people today, gardening has become more of a hobby, and has been proven to be quite therapeutic for those Suffering from depression, anxiety, and loss, (American Horticultural Therapy Association, Elizabeth R. Messer Diehl, ASCA, HTM, editor 2007). When you work hard you not only get to see your results, but also enjoy them as well. It is quite rewarding.

There are many types of gardens, which makes it quite easy for anyone to incorporate this hobby into their daily lives. Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or in the country, there is a garden to suit you.

Some examples of gardens are; the window box garden, perfect for city dwellers with not much planting area; the boxed raised garden, great for those with a small planting area, and; the farmer’s garden, for those with a lot of land.

I have had the great pleasure of utilizing all of these gardens, each one giving me a special type of joy, whether it be a flower, herb or vegetable garden. They are all equally

beautiful and rewarding. Gardening has always brought a sense of peace and tranquility to me, especially through difficult times. It helps to keep my mind busy and focused, it also makes me feel like I am doing something useful and constructive, when things seem uncontrollable.

Starting your garden is quite simple. First, choose the type of garden is best for your living environment, Then choose what you wish to grow. If you are using the window box usually different flowers and herbs would be appropriate. You can also plant a few potted plants for vegetables if you have a porch or deck, (tomatoes and peppers grow well in potted plants). But before you plant anything be sure to read the package of seeds to see at what temperature and time of year you should plant, and how much sunlight is required.

When planting flowers it’s good to know the time of the season they bloom, for they all have different blooming times, which is nice for planting a progressive flower garden. This will ensure that you always have some type of flower in bloom to cut and enjoy in your home.

Should you decide to use a boxed raised garden, which is a garden that is actually above ground, boxed in by wood, you will be able to plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It is not overwhelming, but offers more than window garden. With this type of garden, again you will have to choose which type of flowers, vegetables, and herbs you wish to plant and the temps at which they should be planted. Also, this type of garden requires much more soil, and it should be treated with either compost (a mixture

of vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, and fruit remnants, that have been collected and fermented in a barrel over the previous season). Or you can buy fertilized soil and mix it into the existing soil of of your boxed off area. Also, planting marigold flowers in between your vegetables is greatly encouraged to keep unwanted pests away from your plants, as the marigolds scent deters them. With this type of garden you should be prepared to frequently water your garden. Watering should be done after sundown to ensure your plants are getting adequate food, as the daylight sun will absorb most of the water and could cause your plants to have poor growth. Also weeding out undesirable growth is important for a healthy growing garden. As I...
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