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Refer to the following steps for starting your own vegetable garden: Plan the Vegetable Gardening Site
The first and foremost thing to start a vegetable garden is to select the correct site for planting crops. All you need to know is that maximum vegetables (leafy, root, fruit) require an abundant amount of sunlight for proper growth and development. While planning for vegetable garden layouts, ensure that the area gets enough sunlight. A well-lit spot near to the house is the best gardening area for vegetables. With such an option, you can get an easy access to the garden. Prepare Soil for Plantation

The next step for starting a vegetable garden is soil preparation. As soil is the medium for growth of the vegetables, you need to loosen it with correct garden tools (for better root development) first, remove weeds (that will compete with crops), remove stones or debris, expose it to sun (for killing soil borne pathogens) and supplement with farmyard compost. Organic vegetable gardening mainly involve using organic fertilizers, and organic crops. Make Vegetable Rows

If the garden site is large, then you can divide it into several rows and beds. Use a rope to demarcate the rows in straight lines. If possible, plan the vegetable rows in north south direction for maximum light exposure of the plants. Following this, you can raise the plantation bed, leaving an enough space (2-3 feet) between two rows. This space will help you in watering and getting access to the beds for weed control and harvesting. Select and Grow Vegetables

Vegetables that you can plant in your garden include tomato,cucumber, carrot, radish, beet, asparagus, squash, lettuce, etc. Depending on which vegetable you and your family like the most and the season, you can grow any type of crop. In case of a partial shaded area, you should select vegetable varieties that can tolerate less sun. Consider growing culinary herbs in the perimeter of the vegetable rows. Or else, you can think of using containers for plantation of herbs. Vegetable Gardening Chart

In case you are finding difficulty in growing the right type of vegetables for the current season, then consider referring to a gardening planner or chart. You can find useful planners in horticultural centers that provide information regarding the variety of vegetable to be grown in a specific season, planting time, the amount of seeds to be sown and harvesting period. Starting a Vegetable Garden

Spacing: Plant spacing is an important factor to consider in gardening and agriculture in general. On an average, distance between two rows need to maintained at 1.5 feet. With this spacing, the plant enjoys sunlight and attains a healthy growth. Keeping sufficient space between rows also helps in making the garden easily accessible. Planting: The planting activity for vegetable gardens should be carried out with above mentioned spacing. Direction of planting should be north-south so that plants get enough exposure to sunlight. Care should be taken to see that taller plants do not overshadow the shorter ones. One should make use of vegetables which grow easily in order to minimize the efforts. Understanding the basics regarding tilling, spacing, planting, etc. should answer most questions about how to start a vegetable garden. Watering: Regular watering helps maintain the desired moisture levels for healthy growth of plants. Although enough water should be provided to plants, excessive watering can have harmful effects on roots; it causes water logging which creates problems in the respiration of roots. The problem of water logging doesn't arise if raised vegetable beds are used for gardening. Moisture levels in the initial days of plant growth should be high. However, after a certain period of time, is advisable to increase the gap between two watering sessions. Fertilizing: Chemical fertilizers though are used in cultivation of crops, one should avoid them in gardening. Organic fertilizers allow healthy and...
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