Topics: Water, Recycling, Waste Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: October 11, 2013
In our country, nowadays, we are still having problems when we talk about waste management. We often see garbage everywhere even in the bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and seas. Garbage causes flood because it clogged the drainages and it can spread diseases. And it also causes water pollution that is dangerous to our health. That’s why the Villar Foundation commits the preservation and conservation of the environment and ensuring the sustainability of its environmental programs through the establishment of social enterprises that will lead the path towards economic independence for every Filipino. As we go to Las Piñas, it was a tremendous experience to see the livelihood projects of the Villar Foundation. As a nature lover considering those waste transformed into useful things is a triumph. The waste plastic factory was our first stop. The Villar Foundation and the local community are in charge of collecting and segregating the plastic wastes, which are then shredded, washed, dried, melted and molded in the plant. The Villar Foundation aims this kind of project not just to clean and protect the environment but to provide livelihood to the poor. They can produce 1000 armchairs in a month. About 24 kilos of mixed soft plastics such as those used as food wrappers are needed to make a chair, which can be fashioned to look like wooden pieces and comes with replaceable parts. Amazingly, the chairs made up of plastics could last up to 20 years. Another problem they encountered in cleaning the river was the water hyacinths also known as water lilies that floats on the river and traps more wastes and causes flood when it rains. Congresswoman Cynthia Villar found a solution by transforming water lilies into beautiful pieces of arts. The Las Piñas Arts and Craft is another project of the Villar Foundation, training women to create baskets, chairs and more through weaving from the water hyacinths. They pull out the water hyacinths from the river then they dried and...
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