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Application Paper-Case Study
Angela Garcia Ascencio
DeVry University
MGMT 303
November 24, 2014
Professor Dr. Mayes
1.What does this case imply about the supply of and demand for employees and the implications for businesses? Every company wants to find the employee that is the perfect fit not only for their position that is available but also for the company. This case study implies that the supply and demand for employees is one that you have to find what works for your company. The resume process, the interviewing process, and the whole application process in general needs to be overhauled per company to fit what the company needs and looking for. For example, Robbins (2013) reports on page 409 of our textbook that IBM took it’s Watson computer to a university called Carnegie Mellon to have students challenge it and thus find untapped talent that way. What this ultimately means for companies is that you need to figure out how to tweak your own hiring process so that you are reaching the type of perspective employees that you are going to need. It is not the 1950’s any longer and you do not just put an ad in the paper that has the heading of “Help Wanted”.

2.What’s the meaning behind the “search for the purple squirrel” in relation to spotting talent? Is this relevant to non-tech companies, as well? Discuss.
I think that what Robbins (2013) meant on page 409 by using the phrase “search for the purple squirrel” was that if you are searching for perfection during your search for employees you will never find it on the surface. What you have to do is dig deep into the persons personality, and what they can contribute to your company. Once you can see each candidate as a whole package you will be able to spot the person that has the most talent for your position. I believe that regardless of what industry you are in, you have to be able to search for an employee that will best “fit” into your organization, and into the job duties....

Cited: Robbins, Stephen P., Mary Coulter. Management, 12th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions,
01/2013. VitalBook file.
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