Garbology Report

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Garbology Report

According to Jill Baguchinsby, Garbology ‘is the careful observation and study of the waste products produced by a population of people, in order to learn about that population’s activities in areas such as waste disposal and food consumed.’ It is also described as a niche of archaeology. Every piece of trash collected becomes valuable and interesting artifacts from which many inferences about their source can be made.

The Garbage Project was started by William Rathje, who is a Professor at the University of Arizona. He was attempting to apply archaeological methods to the analysis and description of modern societies.

There are two basic goals of the garbage project, that is, the methodological and substantive objective. These objectives, ‘find out how material remains relate to the behavior that produced them,’… and ‘attempting to find workable explanations of specific and recurrent patterns.’ (David Thomas Hurst).

Based on the garbage that was collected, there were several inferences made about the family’s dietary habits. The garbage collected can be that of a small family.
While identifying the different pieces of trash, there were several items identified such as, a large Silk Pure Almond Milk, which was lactose and diary free. This packet weighted 77 grams; its length was 180mm and 90mm wide. Also, a small Nestle low fat milk box which is 28 grams; 160mm long and 90mm wide and a large pack of Nestle...
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